Shipping & Handling

The latest shipping update notice:

1. Now is the Coronavirus disease global spread period, and every country is trying to find ways to control the epidemic. The first step taken is isolation. Therefore, the postal services in your area or country will stagnate or develop slowly, and normal postal delivery services cannot be performed;

2. Your order will go through strict production safety procedures, so it will take more time than usual to process the order, please be patient. Believe that our customers are unwilling to receive goods that have not passed inspection;

3. In addition to the Coronavirus disease factor, orders may extend shipping time due to other conditions, such as changes in customs inspections and policies, increased security inspection processes, complex traffic environments, sudden weather and climate change, and unexpected social Factors (unstable social situation, strikes, marches, etc.);

4. If there are other factors affecting the postal service in your area or country, the delivery time of the order will be delayed;

5. At this stage, the transportation capacity of airlines in various countries is declining. At present, airlines only have one flight per week for postal services. Therefore, customs, airports and postal company mail processing centers have a large backlog of packages, so your order delivery time will be extended by 5-12 days, and some places may be longer. As long as you can reach the destination area, your order will be delivered quickly. please wait patiently;
6. We recommend that customers use a paid type of express delivery, so that the products you purchase can be delivered on time; (Postal services are affected by Coronavirus disease, DHL delivery time is 5 days. The regular express delivery time is 25 days, some places may Longer.)

7. If you have any question, welcome to visit our contact us page

Notes on logistics transportation time

  1. Order processing time: This time period is the time to prepare the order tolls. Depending on the type and quantity of the specific product, the processing time period for different products is different. It usually takes about 2 to 4 business days to process.
  2. Delivery time of the order: The time it takes for the order to reach each country is different. If you want to know the specific time, please contact our customer service staff, we will provide detailed instructions.

About the gap between free and paid express

Shipping Method Country or Region Cost Shipping Time (Business days)
Regular Post Worldwide Free shipping 10-15

Expedited Express

Worldwide 23.99$ 5-10

About tax

The goods we sell do not include taxes. Therefore, the customer’s package will be charged a tariff after arriving in the country of origin, and this part of the cost will be borne by the buyer. If the customer refuses to accept it, then the customer bears full responsibility (and any subsequent costs or liabilities). According to customs regulations, we cannot give your purchase as a gift below the price of the actual product.